"We have worked with Investors Realty for almost two years now on the lease of our condo property and regularly pat ourselves on the back for making that decision. We were relatively new to not only the Denver real estate rental market, but 'landlording' in general. Jon gave us a good education, and then found a tenant for us that has worked out without a hitch. We have visited their office and met the staff, and they have been very attentive to our needs. Their record keeping and the timeliness of reimbursement has gone without a hitch. In summary, we would recommend Jon and his team to anyone."
- John & Rachel A.

"I was referred to Bill at Investor's Realty from a friend that had her property under his management. I met with Bill for an hour, signed the management agreement, gave him the keys to my Denver condo and moved away to Chicago. That was in December 2005. For the next 3 and a half years all I have had to do is give authorization on a couple of repairs and wait for my rent check to come in the mail. Bill and Jon were great to work with on the property management side - they helped me out with tenant problems, HOA issues, move out cleaning and re marketing as a rental, etc. My involvement was limited to a handful of phone calls over those years.

After my last tenant moved out, I asked to have the property listed for both sale and rent. Bill and Jon did a great job getting the property ready to be back on the market and then hooked me up with Shauna, a new agent on the Investor's Realty team. They were able to get me two rental applications and an offer to buy within 10 days of being on the market. The unit adjacent to mine had been listed for 3 months before I put mine on the market - it is still listed. I closed on the sale of my condo 26 days after the initial offer came in - and I never even had to leave Chicago! Shauna took care of all of the leg work with the buyer's Realtor, title company, HOA, etc. Bill did the close for me with a power of attorney. The best part about it - my condo sold for $30K more than anything else that has closed out of my complex in the past 3 months.

If you have a rental property you need managed - Investor's should be on the top of your list of management companies to interview.

If you are looking to sell your property - Investor's Realty is truly a full service shop and the service they provide is second to none."

- Craig B.

"I have been a client of Investor's Realty for 3 years. I purchased my first two rental properties in Denver, Colorado - and was a first time out of state landlord. I was concerned about being able to manage my properties long distance, so did some research and hired Investor's Realty to handle my property management for two condo units in a brand new high rise building in downtown Denver.

I have been nothing but extremely satisfied with their service, support, and attention to detail. They are very prompt in their attention to not only my needs, but the tenants and handle everything independently. They are professional and do a fantastic job managing these high end properties. I have been very happy with their service, as they make my job as a landlord not a job at all, because I never worry about anything. They are on top of all issues, and are worth every penny. I would recommend them to anyone needing property management services. Please do not hesitate to call me if you need any further information or have any questions."

- Debbie V.

"We wanted to send you a letter thanking you again for all your help and assistance you provided concerning your management of our property. Both you and Jill provided us with professional high quality effort and we deeply appreciate this."
- David R

"We're so thrilled to have these new tenants, and we certainly thank you so much for all of your efforts thus far. In our house, you can regularly hear us saying, "If only we had discovered Investor's Realty sooner!" =)"
- Michael K.