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Welcome to Investor's Realty, LLC

We can comfortably say that we are the premier Denver property management company. We specialize in property management, real estate investing, and sales and purchases of properties for our tenants and owners in the Denver Metro area.

What We Do As Your Denver Property Manager:

  • We keep your property leased to the best qualified tenants while maintaining your property (or properties) and growing your bottom line.
  • We also do all we can to keep our tenants happy and satisfied with their rental experience.
  • We providing the highest technology maintenance support and individual tenant and owner portals that allow easy and quick communication with our experienced office managers.

Founded in 2005, our company has over 15 years of experience and has managed over 1,000 homes in the Denver metro area. We offer insight and strategies that only such extensive experience can provide.

Our Services Pricing

Property Manager

Benefits of Hiring a Proffessional Property Manager

  • ZERO management fees for the first three months we manage your property
  • 6 Month Tenant Guarantee - If we have to find a new tenant in the first six months because the prior tenant broke their lease, we will do so at no cost to you.  We can offer this guarantee with confidence because we have the best tenants and do all we can to keep them happy.
  • Fast, professional leasing services.
  • We of course run thorough background checks on all of our tenants, but just as importantly we meet each prospective tenant in person when they view the property so they can get to know us.
  • Onsite inspections that include photos and written reports uploaded to the owner's portal and give us a chance to check in with the tenants in person.
  • Extensive photos are taken of the property to document condition prior to move in.
  • Cloud based owner and tenant portals for all properties, with each owner portal offering a full accounting and document history and allowing tenants to pay their rent online and communicate with us efficiently and easily.
  • FREE direct deposit of owner's rent money
  • If you would like to start (or add to) your rental portfolio we can help you find properties to suit your needs and then assist with the purchase and subsequent management of the property.
What Our Clients Have To Say

What Our Clients Have To Say...

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