3 Tips for Property Marketing in 2023

3 Tips for Property Marketing in 2023

It's time to bring the house down! More than 600,000 new homes were sold in September 2022 alone. 

The median sales price of a home was $470,600. But there's no guarantee that you can sell your home, let alone make half a million dollars off of it. The best way to seal the deal is to try out property marketing. 

What should be in your property listings? How can you describe and showcase your home effectively? How can you get prospective buyers to see your digital marketing efforts?

Answer these questions and you can grow your nest egg through your Denver home. Here are three essential marketing tips.

1. Use Images of Your Community

Many people already know that they need to add photos of their homes to their real estate listings. But many homebuyers want to know what the neighborhood around your property is like. 

Add at least one photo of your neighborhood. Show what the street in front of your home looks like and where essential services are. If you live near any local landmarks, take photographs of them.

If you can't take photographs of your neighborhood, you should write a paragraph about what your neighborhood is like. Describe community events where your neighbors interact with each other and mention popular restaurants and stores.

Investing in a professional photographer is one of many essential property marketing strategies. Hire a real estate photographer in your area to take photos of your home and neighborhood.

2. Offer Virtual Tours

Some people may not be able to visit your home in person. You should allow virtual tours and record videos of what the interior and exterior of your property are like.

You can use any technology you want. Live streams allow prospective buyers to ask you questions directly, but you can also film a video and post it on your social media later. 

Make sure you use a high-definition camera to record your video and audio. Your tours do not need flashy editing, but everything should be visible and audible. You can hire a videographer if you're not knowledgeable about filming and editing videos.

3. Try SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) involves using techniques so search engine algorithms will list your real estate listing highly. Many marketing ideas rely on SEO, so you may already be using SEO strategies for your digital marketing campaign. 

Strong strategies include researching keywords. You should figure out what people google when they are looking for real estate options and put those keywords into your listings. You should also include them in the script for your virtual tours and publish the script online so people can find it.

Take Control of Your Property Marketing

Property marketing is the key to a successful home sale. Make your home as visually appealing as possible with photographs and video tours. Hire professionals who can shoot photographs and videos and show off important features in your community. 

In your text, you should describe your community and the unique amenities in your home. You should weave in keywords that people use to look for properties, including keywords mentioning the town or neighborhood you live in.

If you're having trouble marketing your home, you should hire property managers. Investor's Realty, LLC serves the Denver area. Contact us today.

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