A Landlord's Guide to Rental Inspections

A Landlord's Guide to Rental Inspections

Are you a property owner or interested in real estate investing, but you are unsure how to find great property management?

Property management is no small task. To ensure your property is in its best shape, inspections must be performed thoroughly and professionally.  

Rental inspections are essential to properly maintaining your properties. Keep reading to learn our real estate tips to conduct successful inspections for your Denver tenants. 

What Are Rental Inspections?

Rental inspections are one of the most important parts of owning properties. The rental value depends on your property being in tip-top shape. 

Most landlords and property managers conduct inspections before and after their Denver tenants move in and out. If you have a tenant that is staying longer than a year it is a good idea to perform more rental inspections. 

Keeping Your Denver Tenants Happy

When planning for property inspections be sure to be in contact with the tenants. Good landlords and property managers will give prior notice before an inspection. They will also schedule it for when the tenants are home. 

A good way to start an inspection is to ask the tenants about any issues they have noticed while living there. This can give a person good insight about what to pay more attention to as you go. 

Respecting tenants' belongings and explaining what you are looking for as you inspect is important. This provides a respectful environment and good communication with your tenants. Experienced property managers know this. 

Real Estate Investing and Good Inspections 

Real estate investing is no small thing. For many, it is their livelihood. That's why it is so important to protect your property and your money. Performing a good and thorough inspection is the best to do this.  

This is a list of several things that must be inspected during a walk-through. 

  • Leaks and dripping faucets
  • Evidence of smoking
  • Any pests or bugs 
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Air filters
  • Wear on flooring and walls
  • Security of window and door locks 
  • General cleanliness and condition of the property

Of course, someone may need to add items onto this list depending on the size and needs of your property, but this is a good start to cover your bases. 

Seasonal Inspections and Property Management

When property management is done right, you can rest easier knowing that you and your finances are safe. 

One important way to ensure the safety of your property is to also perform seasonal inspections. When it gets hot in the summer it is a good idea to check out the air filters and the seals on your windows and doors. 

In addition to this, inspecting for any water damage, the sidewalk for cracks, and the exterior for winter damage will keep you in the know.

In the winter, all exterior pipes and faucets should have covers. Also checking the furnace filters and smoke alarms is a good idea. 

Enjoying These Real Estate Tips?

Real estate investing is no joke. To keep you and your Denver tenants happy you should consider following these real estate tips to have the best rental inspections possible. 

Your property management company should be the best of the best. Contact us today to get in touch with one of our leasing agents and start a conversation about your properties. 

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