How to Find Private Landlords

How to Find Private Landlords

Did you know that more people in America are renting than ever before?

With rising house prices, high-interest rates, and mortgages with more hoops to jump through than a circus, it doesn't come as too much of a surprise! If you're not in a good financial position, renting a property is a great option.

However, it still isn't always easy to land a rental. This is why many people choose to ditch estate agents and find private landlords, avoiding the strict regulations many companies have and skipping realtor fees.

If you're looking for a private landlord, read on to find out where to find one!

What Are Private Landlords?

Private landlords are landlords that don't go through the traditional real estate route.

Instead of paying someone else for their property marketing, tenant screening, and rent collection, they do the whole thing themselves. They may have help from a third party who can conduct checks and match tenants to landlords, but they have more control than landlords using realtors.

Why Would You Want a Private Landlord?

There are several reasons why you might want to avoid realtors and go through a private landlord instead. For example, if you're a student or on a low income, you may not get through the realtor's property management checks.

If this is the case, they won't put your applications forward for properties you're interested in.

However, if you know your salary is rising, you have guarantors, or you're in a circumstance that realtor forms don't take into consideration, a private landlord may be more open. 

Private landlords can also charge less for their properties. Many real estate investing tips will mention to landlords that they can skip fees by renting out their properties themselves. But, you can also skip fees, making your rent cheaper and the process easier!

If you're worried about the upkeep of your property without a realtor, look for landlords using property accounting and management from a third party, like Investor's Realty

How to Find a Private Landlord

There are several private landlord tips that can help you find your perfect property. Here are some of the avenues you could explore:

Social Media

Many people will advertise their properties on social media. Modern-day leasing can be very relaxed, with landlords only needing a few messages back and forth before a viewing is arranged. Facebook Marketplace, for example, is a great place to find private landlords. 

Property Marketplaces

Specific property marketplaces are set up to allow Denver tenants to browse rental properties. Some of these will help the landlord by conducting financial checks, but usually, the landlord can override the checks and rent to you regardless.

Property Management Websites

Property management companies, like Investor's Realty, offer landlords and investors:

  • Maintenance
  • Rental value advice
  • Rental inspections
  • Real estate tips

We can also help tenants find private landlords through our system, making it easy to discover your perfect property.

Local Newspapers

Don't forget good old-fashioned routes! Local newspapers are a goldmine of properties for sale—and many are rented out by private landlords.

Find Out More at Investor's Realty

Private landlords are a fantastic route for many people and could help you find your perfect rental property much quicker.

If you need help finding one, check out our resources for tenants. We have many beautiful Denver properties up for grabs, and our filtered search capabilities make it easier than ever to find your next home.

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