Should You Join a Landlord Association?

Should You Join a Landlord Association?

There are between 10 and 11 million landlords in the country today. 

Are you daunted by the prospect of becoming a landlord? It's important to know that there's a large community of people that understand you. 

By joining a landlord association, you can network and learn from other, more experienced property owners. Whether you have questions about your state's rental policies or you just want to know more about how to maintain a rental property, other local landlords can help.

In this post, we're going to help you figure out whether or not you should join your local landlord association. Keep reading and you'll have all of the info necessary to decide on your landlord association membership.

Getting Landlord Tips

When you have more experienced landlords at your disposal, you can glean a lot of information from them. Becoming a first-time landlord isn't easy. There's a lot you need to know and a lot of mistakes that you could make at the outset.

Upon getting your landlord association membership, you'll gain immediate access to information on everything from fair housing requirements to screening tenants properly. If you have questions about anything, you can go straight to the landlord association and get the correct information.

Full Landlord Network

When you become a landlord, you're effectively becoming an entrepreneur. In the world of business, it's always helpful to have other entrepreneurs by your side to discuss plans and ideas. 

Some of these fellow landlords will become important allies as you navigate the world of property investing. You could even end up in business with one of your fellow landlords one day.

Tackle Problems Easily

If you ever have any issues with tenants, your landlord association representative will be a call away. With a comprehensive knowledge of every landlord law in your state, they'll be able to give you a clear direction on how to handle disputes with tenants.

You can also use other landlords' experiences to guide your own. It might sound crazy, but hearing horror stories from more experienced landlords can be a huge benefit for you moving forward.

Power in Numbers

Depending on where you live, rental laws can be quite tough on landlords. In Colorado, for instance, the laws for eviction and tenants' rights to withhold rent can make it difficult to deal with bad tenants.

Laws like these exist all over the country and most landlords would love to have them altered. When you join a Colorado landlord association, you'll have the platform to fight for your rights. You can raise these issues in association meetings, then take them straight to the legislature to make meaningful change.

Should You Join a Landlord Association? Of Course

Joining a landlord association is a bit of a no-brainer. For a small membership fee, you gain access to a wealth of information and networking potential. Not to mention the ability to change the lives of landlords in your area for the better.

If you're a Denver-based property owner, joining a Colorado landlord association and hiring a property manager are the two best things you can do. At Investor's Realty, we're one of Denver's top property managers. We can help you with everything from property maintenance to tenant screening and rent collection.

To find out more about how we can maximize your rental investment, contact us today.

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