Three Property Marketing Tips That Will Make Your Listing Shine

Three Property Marketing Tips That Will Make Your Listing Shine

Did you know that out of the more than 2 million real estate agents in the US, over 75% of them use Facebook to market their properties? 

This means that there are over 1.5 million realtors doing real estate marketing on social media. What other marketing efforts are they making? 

The truth is that property marketing doesn't have to be difficult. Whether your business is about real estate investing, property management, or selling property, you can achieve great heights with your marketing. 

So keep reading to find out exactly what tips to use to make your listing stand out. 

Descriptions Are as Vital as Visuals (And Vice Versa!)

Digital marketing can cover so many platforms from social media to websites to email marketing and more. It's easy to get lost in the logistics of it all. Getting on top of your digital marketing is one of our landlord tips!

Yes, some platforms place more importance on the visuals than the text that accompanies them. And other platforms do it the other way around. The key to this conundrum is preparing your listing for both scenarios and posting it in that way anyway. 

Your visuals should be appealing and incorporate as many of the unique elements of the property you're selling as possible. Keep the focus on beautiful parts of the property and play these up in the written description too. 

Consistency Is Key 

Your branding should be unwaveringly consistent across all your marketing channels, it's one of the most vital real estate marketing tips. This rings true for logos, colors, and your brand personality but it extends further than that too. 

The language that you use in your descriptions should be consistent as well as the images and video style you use. The look should remain the same. The idea is that no matter where a potential buyer is looking at your property listing, subconsciously they should almost know that it's the same brand they are interacting with. 

Use Storytelling 

Storytelling has been used successfully in brand marketing and video marketing, so why can't it work for marketing your property too? 

Look at your listings from a buyer's perspective or even an existing owner, and tell the narrative of the house or the apartment as if there is an interesting story to be told, this is. a great real estate investing tip too. This story can focus on the history of the property or how houses can bring families up. 

Storytelling also means you can get creative with how you build your property showcase and depending on whether you're talking to Denver tenants or potential buyers or Colorado real estate investors, you can adapt your content accordingly. 

Perfect Property Marketing 

Property management, real estate investing, and real estate are challenging enough alone! Throw in property marketing challenges and you could feel overwhelmed fairly quickly. 

Simply focus on your marketing goals and how you plan to achieve them. Stick to your marketing efforts and be methodical with how you publish those listings, your hard work will pay off. 

Whether you are a tenant looking for a place to call home or an owner looking to have their property professionally managed, we're the people for the job, contact us now

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